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When learning a new language, there are so many new expressions that are usually tied to the culture behind the language.
🤔 🇫🇷​Do you know the French word "dodo" ? You can use it in two expressions. Can you guess it's meaning from the exemples? 🟢​ aller au dodo: Il est 22h, je vais au dodo. Demain, je dois me réveiller tôt. - It's 10pm, I ____ . Tomorrow I have to wake up early. - Уже 10 часов, я ______ . Завтра мне надо рано вставать. 🟢​ faire dodo: Coucou mon chéri. Tu as fait un gros dodo ? Tu as l'air en forme ! - Hello my baby. Have you ________ ? You look great (in good shape). - Привет малыш. Ты ___________ ? Ты выглядишь отлично. 👇 scroll down for the answers 👇 Put ​❤️ if you learned something new from this post. ✍️ Write your exemple with one of thses expressions in the comments to better remember them. ✅​"Dodo" is a word we usually use with children to speak about sleep. ✅​ aller au dodo (=se choucher) - go to bed // ложиться спать ✅​ faire dodo (=dormir) - to sleep // спать
Dec 19, 2023 12:40 PM
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